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  • Our new calendar now permits event organizers to submit their info on-line (subject to review before publication).
  • Our newsletter and blog where you’ll find the latest information, reviews, and more.
  • The History on Missouri Fiddlin’ featuring links to a variety of articles and other materials presenting the folklore and history of the Missouri fiddling tradition.
  • Information on the Missouri State Fair Fiddling Championship at subdomain¬†statecontest.missourifiddling.com/
  • Information on the youth & adult fiddle camps at Bethel Missouri at subdomain¬†fiddlecamp.missourifiddling.com/

The Missouri State Old-Time Fiddlers Assocation is a registered not-for-profit Missouri corporation with 501(c)(3) status. The purpose of MSOTFA is to promote, document and preserve Missouri fiddling styles and related traditions.

MSOTFA was founded in 1979 with the intial objective of reviving the Missouri State Fiddle Championship. The original board members and officers were: Bill Shull, Chris Germain, Spence Galloway, Bob Hagan and Charlie Walden.

Our domain, missourifiddling.com, has maintained a continuous presence on the internet since March 26, 2002.

To contact MSOTFA please email us to: missourifiddling@gmail.com.

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Newsletter & Blog

Henry Taylor – Missouri Fiddle Champion of Yesteryear

Henry Taylor Missouri Fiddle Champion of Yesteryear Americans have an insatiable urge to know who is the best at every endeavor from tiddlywinks to frog-jumping. Once that person has been determined through a fairly judged competition we then heap praises, trophies and titles on the individual. Old-time fiddling is an activity in which this practice …