Uncle Bob Walters of Nebraska

Uncle Bob Walters of Nebraska

Bob Walters with Fiddle Contest Trophy Prior to the publication of the Old Time Fiddlers Repertory (R. P. Christeson, University of Missouri Press, 1973), the name Bob Walters was little known outside the Missouri Valley region. Walters was the most influential player in that region. He was a well-known radio performer. Through his contact with another radio fiddler, Lonnie Robertson of Springfield, Missouri, he extended the reach of his influence into the Missouri Ozarks and beyond.

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Bob Walters Tune List

The list below was developed from titles taken from various field recordings and also from tunes collected and published in The Old-Time Fiddlers Repertory (1973, University of Missouri Press) and The Old-Time Fiddler’s Repertory 2 (1984, University of Missouri Press) by R. P Christeson. Walters’ repertoire was both extensive and varied. He was in this respect a fiddler’s fiddler.

Of course, tune lists of particular fiddlers tell us much about the place and time in which the individual performed, their influences and their impact on the music going forward.