South-Paw Fiddlers

South-Paw Fiddlers
Just for my own amusement, I’ve compiled this list of left-handed fiddlers I’ve heard either in-person or on recordings or just heard of. Interestingly, I have seen no young people learning to play left-handed. Perhaps the standardizing influence of teachers and the general discouragement of left-handed play in the violin world will mean that someday there will be no left-handers at all.

As for technique, all those listed below played standard fiddles “over the bass” as it were. One of them, Ted Welch, converted from right-handed play after shooting off his left hand right below the wrist in a hunting accident. He even went so far as devise a rig for holding the blow with the remaining stump on the left hand. A No. 3 cream corn can with a small screw clamp for holding the bow…

Charlie Walden

Cyril Stinnett, Oregon, MO
Dwight Lamb, Onawa, IA
Ted Welch, Palmyra, MO
Lloyd Wanzer, ID
Jake Hockemeyer, Mokane, MO
Cecil Goforth, Rolla, MO