Missouri Old-Time Fiddlers & Musicians

This page is a list of fiddlers and musicians from Missouri and the surrounding region. Persons with names in bold are hyperlinked to a page on this site or another on the interwebs.

To submit a name to this least or to biographical information, photos, etc., please email missourifiddling@gmail.com.

Walter Alexander  – an Ozarks Fiddler.

Liz Amos

William “Bill” Anthony – His name was William “Bill” Anthony, and he was born in 1923 in Boone County. He had been a fiddler since the early 1930’s, and was very well known in Mid-Missouri music groups. He played the fiddle, guitar, steel guitar, and piano. He could pick up just about anything and learn how to play it very fast. He was a member of the Missouri Outlaws before they went big, and also a Goodtimer in Columbia. He used to be on the radio in the 1940’s and 50’s with a country music show.

Kenny Applebee – Guitar accompanist and fiddler from Rush Hill, Audrain Co. MO.  Has backed up many fine Missouri fiddlers in contests.  Played a lot with Pete McMahan.

Earl Ball

Dr. Walter Bone – Old-time fiddler and veteranarian from Pineville, McDonald Co., Missouri. Ozarks.

Nolan Boone – Fiddler from Mexico, Audrain Co., MO.  Used to play in contests and dances with his wife accompanying on the piano.  Best known for playing the tune Aunt Mary’s Hornpipe.


Emily Buckhannon


Kenneth “Polly” Burre                                  more info…

Fiddler and popular contest MC from Tebbetts in Holt Co., MO.  Also liked to repair musical instruments.


Pete “Pierre” Boyer


Luther Caldwell


Bill Caton (also Katon)


  1. P. Christeson


Bill Conley


Buck Cuno


Earl Collins


Bill Driver


Roy “Bill” Eddy


Lyman Enloe


Mike Fraser


Art Galbraith


Chris German (Germain)                                             website


Joe Gerst


Simey Gerst


Jimmy Gilmore


Tony Gilmore


Cecil Goforth


Gene Goforth


Dr. Jimmy Gray

Dr. Gray was an oral surgeon and fiddler from St. Louis.  I went to visit him once with John Griffin at his home in suburban St. Louis County.  He was in his eighties at the time.  It was damn hot day and we watch Jimmy as he watered a large pumpkin vine and brought it back from a severely wilted condition.


Dr. Gray played many unique tunes.  Kingery Hornpipe was one such set in the key of A, which I transcribed and gave to R. P. Christeson for inclusion in his second volume.  Interestingly, Dr. Gray was the originator of Gray’s Solution, which was a cure for gingivitis.  He reveled in showing John Griffin and I a photo album full of before and after shots of people’s bad gums!


John Griffin


Dwight Grover


Bob Hagan


Steve Hall


John Hartford


Carol Hascall


Clifford Hawthorne


George Helton


Ike Helton


Warren Helton

W. O. Hickam


Jake Hockemeyer

Referred to by some as the “left-handed dutchman”, Jake Hockemeyer was one of the great old-time fiddlers from the Little Dixie region of Missouri when I was young.  He was from Mokane in Cole County and played left-handed “over the bass”.


His signature tune was Marmaduke’s Hornpipe. I think I have never heard it played better than he could.  He also played Fisher’s Hornpipe in F really nicely (R. P. Christeson admired Jake’s playing and once said he played Fisher’s like Heifitz!).  He had a particularly nice version of Peek-a-boo Waltz, as well, which if you closed your eyes while listening you might envision a slowly turning water wheel.


Bob Holt


Jim Herd


Travis Inman


Raymond “Pick” Johnson


Vesta Johnson


Dean Johnson


Gary Johnson


Alton Jones


Casey Jones


Daniel Boone Jones


Kelly Jones


Paul Jones


Sac River Jones


Bill Kearns


Francis Kepner


Dwight Lamb (Iowa)                                      website


Vee Latty


Jim Lansford                                      website


Amy LeGrand


Harold Leek


  1. E. “Bunny” Marriott


Junior Marriott


Cody Marriott


Howard “Rusty” Marshall                                            website


Taylor McBaine


Pete McMahan


Dave Morris

Brother of George Morris


George Morris                                 more info…

The famous “fiddlin’ sheriff” from Columbia, Boone Co., MO.


John Murdock


Michelle Ogle


Charlie Pasha


Joe Pollite


Dale Potter – Extra-ordinarily gifted and successful professional fiddle player from Puxico in Southeast Missouri.  He composed extremely difficult tunes incorporating extended double-stop passages beyond the capability of most country players (yours truly included), such as Fiddle Patch.  Not really Missouri-style per se, but still should be recognized as coming from the Missouri tradition.

Wade Ray


Lonnie Robertson


Geoff Seitz


Paul Shikles


Bill Shull


Hollis Shumaker


  1. K. Silvey


Pearl Sivetts


Jimmy Skiles


Virgil Smith


Claude Stearns


Cyril Stinnett


Pete Stinnett


Alita Stoneking


Fred Stoneking


Lee Stoneking


Howe Teague


Ed Tharp


Elliot Tharp


Henry Taylor


Rhona Vincent                                 website


Linton Vomund


Bob Walsh


Billy Ward


Bob Walters                                      more info…


Gary Watson


Barbara Weathers


Gene Wells


Henry Wells


Lynn Wells


Mike Wells


John White


Adrian Williams


John Williams                                    website


Dolph Wilson


Nile Wilson


Doc Winagear


Roy Wooliver


Matt Wyatt