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The History on Missouri Fiddlin’

Welcome to our page of Missouri Fiddling History & Folklore. Here we attempt to document any and all aspect of Missouri traditional fiddling, the players, events, the tunes and more.

Missouri State Old Time Fiddlers Association – History & Publications

Missouri Fiddling Traditions

Old Time Dance Traditions in Missouri

Radiophone WOS

John S. Marmaduke

Chief Francis O’Neill in Missouri

John Durang: American Actor 1785-1816

Those Fiddle Bugs: D’Armond Violin Pickups

6/8s Fiddling in Missouri

Missouri Old Fiddler Notable Quotes

Missouri Tune Collections

Old Fiddlers of Missouri / Midwest

Old-Time Fiddlers & Musicians of Missouri

George Morris: “The Fiddlin’ Sheriff”

Dwight Lamb: Old-Time Fiddling from the Heartland

South-Paw Fiddlers

Taylor McBaine: Boone County Fiddler

Kenneth “Polly” Burre: Master of Ceremonies

Preston Pete McMahan: Missouri’s Premier Contest Fiddler

Dale Potter: “Mr. Double-Stop”

Uncle Bob Walters of Nebraska

Pete Stinnett Memorial