Digital Audio Downloads
If you're looking for our vintage cassettes from back in the '80s and '90s you're too late as they're all sold out.
We've gone 100% digital with all those releases and continue to issue more all the time on our new BandCamp page
at this link -
to see what's new or just click the album you like below to be whisked away to Missouri Fiddle Heaven. All items are available as albums or single track downloads. Best of all you can stream them all till the cows come home fer nuttin'.
001 - Pete McMahan Ozark Mountain Waltz 002 - Taylor McBaine Boone County Fiddler 004 - Lyman Enloe Rugged Road 101 - Vee Latty Fever in the South
102 Casey Jones Rocky Road to Jordan 103 - Cyril Stinnett Grey Eagle in C 104 Cyril Stinnett Salty River Reel 105 - Cyril Stinnett Mahoney's Reel
006 - Bob Walters Drunken Waggoner 107 - Luther Caldwell One-Armed Fiddler of Boone County, MO 109 - Bob Walters Drunken Wagoneer 110 - Keith Orchard Zig-Zag Hornpipe
115 - Uncle Dick Hutchison Sharecropper's Blues 116 - Red Williams Dallas Fiddler 117 - Charlie Cook Boone County Waltz King 202 - Nile Wilson Tie-Hacker Hoedown
203 - Travis Inman Championship Fiddling 204 - Howe Teague Ozark Memories  205 - Sac River Jones  206 - Dwight Grover & The Sunshine Twinsters 
402A - Pete McMahan & Charlie Walden 402B - Pete McMahan & Charlie Walden (Part 2) 301 - Bill Graves Sugar in the Coffee