Jake Hockemeyer
On Fiddling Techniques and Styles...
  • "That's just belly-rubbin' music" --- Taylor

  • Don't be puttin' no blue note in a hoedown. --- Preston on flatted 3rds

  • Don't be pattin' your finger like that. --- Taylor on triplets

  • Dan Duffee passed on your quotes and they had me going. To add to them, I remember being around Bob Holt and when Charlie Walden started hot dogging, he 'd say something like "Charlie's playing that trash again".  I can't say that's the exact quote (so Dan wouldn't have me putting quotes around it) but Bob would crack me up by referring to that as trash... --- Barb Kuhns.

  • That Texas shit almost ruined Charlie Walden --- Virgil Smith

  • That Canadian s--- almost ruined Charlie Walden --- Virgil Smith

  • That Irish s--- almost ruined Charlie Walden --Virgil Smith

  • Pete -- "We played all kinds of tunes, square dance, round dance, popular and semi-popular."

Pete McMahan Meme
On Accompaniments to Fiddling...
  • Well, that's a Mel Bay chord.  Jim Gilmore on closed chords

  • 'Course, there ain't no minors on the bass. --- J. A. Gilmore

On Book Learnin' and Note Readin'...
  • Actually Russell Orchard asked me once if I had taken lessons once. I responded by saying "I give lessons." I was never sure if that was better or worse. --- JGS

  • That Dennis Schubert plays a pretty good guitar, but, did you know he took lessons." said as if it were cheating.

  • "Well, you can tell he took lessons."  Russell Orchard dissing Dennis Schubert

  • That Hayden is good stuff... Jim Gilmore on the classics

  •  "You play by NOTE don'cha boy" (meaning I could read), Unknown

  • Dont ever let 'em know you can read, boy. --J Gilmore

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High Praise...
  • There's very few white men and no n------ that can play it that way."   PM

  • That Charlie Walden can't keep his G-string tuned.   Virgil Smith explaining CW's disappointing 3rd place finish at Boonville.

  • I don't mean to be a smart a--, and, I ain't telling you anything you don't already know, but.... --- Keith Orchard

  • I don't mean to be a smart a-- son, but you don't have that low part of Leather Britches quite right, son.  --- Preston

  • "... a good old Indian."  Pete McMahan on Ace Sewell of Oklahoma

  • Conversation between Ace Sewell and Pete McMahan:

        Ace: "In this day and age, a tune's got to come out even."
            Pete: "Well, you guys play it so slow you can't dance to it."
        Ace: "I'm not here to dance. I'm here to fiddle."

  • No one likes a smart a-- fiddler --- Jack Deck

  • I was proud of that old n-----.  He played better than any of us white fiddlers.   --- Russ on Bill Katon.

  • 'course, he played n----- music. --- Gilmore on Bill Katon.

  • Well, he was a n-----.  PM on Bill Katon

  • That Doc Weinninger knows over 300 tunes and can't play a one of them. --Keith Orchard.

  • I thought George was a fiddler. --- Taylor on George Portz

  • If I couldn't play it any better than that, I just wouldn't.

On Fiddle Contests...
Henry Thompson
  • "Now when a man starts playing Sally Goodin in the middle of Grey Eagle, that's where I draw the line." --- Virgil

  • Now, if you are going to have a butt shaking contest, you ought to call it a butt shaking contest. --- Preston on teenage-girl-fiddlers.  Also attributable to Virgil Smith.

  • That Pete MacMahan thinks he should win the contest just for showing up.., Gilmore?

  • I ain't scared of no hornpipe fiddler. Taylor on Cyril

  • Don't be playing over the judge's heads. Preston on Bb hornpipes

  • Don't wanna go to a fiddle contest dressed like a bum. --Taylor.

  • "I ainít paying Forrest. He was just on the road, you see." --- Taylor after winning the Tebbetts fiddle contest while dividing up the spoils.

  • "That Leroy Canaday played Redwing as his tune of choice. That's no tune, that's a goddamn song! That's where I draw the line."  --- Virgil Smith

  • Gilmore on stage at the Tebbetts fiddle contest, looks at the judges and starts tuning his fiddle -- "You don't mind if I tune do you? I like to play in tune."

  • Mike Wells -- "I know this contest was rigged if Bob Hagan placed ahead of me."

  • McMahan -- "Rusty, that was awful."

  • "Two of the judges are Masons." Taylor whispered to me before a contest in Keytesville as he flashed his Masonic ring.

  • Trophies are the dust-catchinest things you ever saw -- Henry "Hank" Thompson

Virgil Smith Meme
Misc BS and General Advice...
  • Gotta go roll up my windows --- J. A. Gilmore, returning from the parking lot with whiskey breath

  • Everything always happens in groups of threes... --Taylor

  • Variant to the above: "Everything in the Civil War happened in threes..." --Taylor

  • Don't let Henry Thompson around your bows --?

  • I used to be able to play that. Cyril on Jack Danielson's Reel

  • How about Pete, in describing a near miss car accident said, "You couldn't a pounded a flax seed up my a-- with a post maul."

  • Used to be Pete didn't think he could play the fiddle unless he was so drunk he couldn't stand-up or sit-down.

  • A man has got to draw the line somewhere. Virgil?

  • Now thatís where I draw the line.  Preston.

  • Whoa, I don't go that route! --- McMahan as a women tried to hug him after he played.

  • The women folk are in the kitchen.  --- Preston to a 'girl' guitar player.

  • "If everyone keeps taking so many breaks, somethin's gonna get broke" --- Taylor

  • If your going to choke there Johnny, play that Grey Eagle first. --- Jake H.  This was said to Murdock as he choked on some chaw.

  • I used to be able to play it. I don't know. That's what happens when you get old. Some things get stiff and others go limp." --- Jake Hockemeyer when asked to play Woodchopper's

  • You ought to use a thumb pick. --- Taylor to John Stewart --

  • "Pills and booze ruined that <INSERT NAME OF FAMOUS FIDDLER HERE>." --- Virgil Smith

  • Gilmore -- "Looks like a stray bull got in the pen."

  • Taylor -- "I cut my teeth on a fiddle."

  • "He went off like a ruptured duck." --- Taylor

  • Jake -- "It wasn't much of a dance if at least two or three fights didn't break out."

  • "I was the biggest drunk in Boone County." --- PM

  • Keith Orchard -- "Vee Latty used to sneak over to Bill Katon's house at night."

  • I've forgotten more tunes than I ever knew. --- Anon.

  • "There's no shame in being poor, just sometimes it's mighty inconvenient." --- Pete McMahan

  • A man ought to be tall enough to keep his butt up out of the snow. --- George Morris the Fiddlin' Sheriff.

Taylor and Stewart
George Morris Meme
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